Deep Pit Meats

In the early 70’s Louie Glick started the deep pit meats at Glick’s. Throughout the years, we have served tens of thousands of pounds of this special prepared meat for holidays, family gatherings and parties. Cooking the meat underground, with special preparation techniques and perfecting it over the years, this one-of-a-kind meat can not be duplicated any other way. Turkey, pork or beef, it is a Glick’s signature. Cooked for several hours over a wood fire underground, the heat and smoke gives the meat a wonderfully unique flavor that will leave you and your guests wanting more.

Deep Pit Turkey

The Turkey is boneless Turkey that is cooked underground for 16-18 hours. Both light and dark meat, just falls apart when it’s done cooking. It will not look like your traditional turkey, but tastes wonderful.

Deep Pit Pork

If you’d like to try a little bit of heaven our deep pit pork is perfect for pulled pork sandwiches, tamales or tacos.


Deep Pit Ham

If you haven’t tried the deep pit ham it is a must. It has a smoky ham flavor and shreds or falls apart just like our other deep pit meats.  It has a flavor all of it’s own. One of our favorites.

Deep Pit Beef

Moist, tender and juicy is the perfect deep pit meat everyone enjoys. You can’t go wrong with our famous deep pit beef.


Cooked Weight Feeds
5 lbs. 10-12
10 lbs. 20-25
15 lbs. 30-35
20 lbs. 40-45
25 lbs. 50-55
30 lbs. 60-65
35 lbs. 70-75
40 lbs. 80-85
45 lbs. 90-100